I am convinced that the Appalachian Trail will be the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do. In that sense I need your support, which you can do by following me as I prepare and by sending words of encouragement after I head out on the Trail.

At the same time its common for individuals running a marathon or doing a long walk to use the occasion to try to raise money for a worthy cause. I decided I wanted to do that – but which cause should I select?  I have been associated with a number of very worthy causes, so selecting the “right” one or two proved not to be easy. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized that many thru-hikers use their hike for a cause and while they appreciate (and say so often in blogs and memoirs) the immense effort by the thousands of volunteers that make the Trail possible, the funds they raise go to some other (yet, very worthy) charity.


I decided that the organization that makes the AT possible, the organization that was going to provide me with free access to a 2,200-mile footpath from Georgia to Maine, could use some support itself. And, like teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish, making sure that the Trail is always there for hikers to use for their own charitable purpose (and available for our country to enjoy), I thought I’d use my hike as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  So, please join me in supporting the ATC. In 2018, before I begin my hike, I will announce a series of ways that you can support me by supporting the ATC. So, save your pennies, use 2017 to clear the way to make a meaningful gift in 2018 to the ATC.

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