The Appalachian Trail – By the Numbers!


The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine through the Appalachian Mountain range in the eastern United States – considered “the oldest mountain range” on Earth.  It is the longest “hiking-only” footpath in the world. One way to begin to better understand the AT is to consider some of its attributes “by the numbers,” some of which are as follows:

  • 2,200 = approx. length in miles of the Appalachian Trail. In 2016 the Trail was 2,189.1 miles.
  • 165,000 = approx. number of white blazes marking the way from GA to ME.
  • 99 = percent of the entire trail has been either relocated or rebuilt since its completion.
  • 15,000 = approx. number of people who have completed a thru-hike.
  • 464, 464 = approx. amount of elevation gained/lost in feet (approx. 90 miles) during a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.
  • 16 = estimated number of times you’d climb mountain Mt. Everest due to elevation gained/lost during a thru-hike.


  • 14 = number of states traveled through on AT from GA to ME.


  • 262 = number of shelters or lean-tos on the AT (approx. one every 8 miles).
  • 1 = number of off-Broadway shows dedicated to the AT (“North to Maine”).
  • 25 – approx. percentage of women of those on AT attempting thru-hike.
  • 87 – approx. percentage of thru-hikers going from Georgia to Maine.
  • 31 = number of “Maintaining Clubs” that, in the words of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, serve the Appalachian Trail handling “most of the day-to-day work of keeping the A.T. open. In addition to Trail maintenance, club volunteers [of these Maintaining Clubs] build and repair shelters and other structures, monitor and protect the Trail corridor, monitor and manage rare plants and invasive species, develop management plans for their sections, and much, much more.”
  • 250,000 = approx. number of volunteer hours that go into maintaining the Appalachian Trail each year.


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